Frequently asked questions

What is a Group Break?

Essentially, a Group Break is a group of people going in together on a bundle of sports cards. The size of the bundle and the contents of it will vary from break to break. Also, the style in which the cards are distributed amongst the members of the group break can vary as well. Some examples include, but are not limited to random teams, random divisions, pick your team (pyt), random hit style, tiered teams random and tiered divisions random.

What is a Random Team/Random Divisions break?

In this case, you are assigned a team by a random draw. We use random.org to accomplish this task. The names will be randomized a number times as shown on the dice. The teams will be randomized a number of times as shown on the dice. The dice will be rolled once and count for both the names random as well as the teams random. The team that comes up next to you name is your team. All cards for that team, based on description of the break, are yours. Random division is the same except the divisions are randomized, and you get the complete division.

What is Pick Your Team(pyt)?

Much like the name says, you pick your team for the break. Teams will vary in price based on popularity and number of hits.

What is Random Hit Style?

This works well when there are fewer cards in the box and/or case. The cards are opened and recorded. The names and the cards are then randomized much like the random team/division style of break. You receive the card that comes up next to your name.

What about College Pulls?

Any college pull will be shipped to their current team. It will go to the team the player spent the most time with if the player is retired or a free agent. If multiple teams were played for evenly, it will go to most games played. In the event they did not play or there is a tie break that doesn't resolve, the player will be randomized between the people with the coinciding teams.

What about Coaches?

Coaches will go to the team they played for the most if the coach is designated as a player on the card. If the coach is dsignated as a coach on the card, it will go to the team the coach was with the longest. If they never played or coached, the card will be randomized to all.

What about Multiplayer cards?

The card will be randomized between the people with the teams on the card. However, if there is a majority, say someone has two of the teams out of three, the majority always wins.

Where do I watch you break?

We stream live at twitch.tv/rossicksportscards

Skunking (hitless break)?

Unfortunately, there is a chance that you won't get a hit in your break. We have no idea what will be pulled out of the product, so this is a possibility. Please keep this in mind when you buy into break.